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Reseller Gathering 2022

24 Nov, 2022

Thursday, October 20th 2022 – was a special day for PT Trass Anugrah Makmur who is an associate company of SOPRA Group, because it held Reseller Gathering 2022. This event is a yearly event where SOPRA is inviting and gathering many Resellers of SOPRA to come together, have discussion, factory visit and have lunch together, so we can know each other and share for better services.

Something that became special at this gathering was the first time the event was held at PT Trass Anugrah Makmur located in Pasuruan, East Java. This event is a testament to our commitment to reach more customers in Indonesia, so we can give not only better services but also wider in scope.

This gathering is attended by more than 100 Resellers who live in Surabaya and its surroundings. The event went well, because of the high enthusiasm of the Resellers. So many activities we did such as presentation and discussion moderated by Mr. Edward Barus as Manager of Sales & Marketing, factory visit to know the production process at PT Trass Anugrah Makmur, and followed by lunch together, games, and door prize. Attended Resellers are allowed to bring some product samples that has been provided by PT Trass Anugrah Makmur.

Our hope through this event is to strengthen and enhance the cooperation between SOPRA and the Resellers, to continue to increase sales and service quality, so we can reach more potential new customers, and also add new potential Resellers to join with SOPRA. We thank for the attendance of all Resellers that were invited to this event and also for the amazing enthusiasm so this event went well.