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A Variety of Iconic and Must-Have Pastries Ahead of Eid Moments

28 Mar, 2024

A Variety of Iconic and Must-Have Pastries Ahead of Eid Moments

Eid al-Fitr is incomplete without delicious and beautiful dishes on the table. One of the most anticipated is Eid cookies, a tradition that is always present and warms the moment of togetherness. Usually, people who will celebrate Eid al-Fitr start preparing various kinds of Eid cookies since the month of Ramadan. These cookies are usually served either for personal consumption or as hampers for family and friends. 

The high demand for Eid cookies ahead of this special moment opens up great opportunities for pastry entrepreneurs. With the right creations and strategies, you can make big profits at this special moment. One of the strategies that you need to think about if you want to start an Eid cookies business is the packaging of your cookies. The moment of Eid, is a very special moment. Attractive and quality packaging will increase the selling value of your products and attract buyers. Here, SOPRA is here as the best solution for your pastry packaging needs. Here are some recommendations for some iconic Lebaran cookies along with packaging recommendations for these cookies.

1. Nastar

The belle of Eid, nastar always comes with an unforgettable sweet and savory taste. The combination of pineapple jam filling and crispy, melt-in-your-mouth dough makes it a favorite of all. Nastar cookies are made from dough, flour, eggs, and butter and have a distinctive flavor from the pineapple jam inside. Sometimes, some people add other garnishes to nastar cookies such as a sprinkle of grated cheese on top or dried cloves.

2. Kastengel

These savory cookies are equally popular. Kastengel or cheesecake is a cookie that originated in the Netherlands. Kastengel comes from the word "kaasstengels", which means "kaas" which means cheese and "stengel" which means bar. Its crunchy texture and distinctive savory cheese flavor make kastengels always sought after during Lebaran.

3. Snow White cookies

Snow princess cookies are crescent-shaped sweet cookies that are usually made from peanuts. Snow princess cookies are so named because they are known for the dusting of powdered sugar that floods the entire surface of the cookie jar. These powdered sugar-coated cookies are synonymous with softness and just the right amount of sweetness. So, it's no wonder that Snow White cookies are always a favorite of children and should not be absent from the Lebaran table.

3. Cat's Tongue cookies

This cake is very unique. It is named "Cat's Tongue" because this cake has a shape similar to a cat's tongue. In the Netherlands, cat tongue cookies are called "Kattentongen". The long and thin shape resembles a cat's tongue, the texture is crispy and melts easily in the mouth. Its mild sweetness makes cat tongue a favorite snack to accompany hot tea. However, here there are more and more various flavors and colors. There are chocolate cat tongue cookies, matcha cat tongue cookies, and red velvet cat tongue cookies.

4. Sagu cookies

These traditional cookies are made from sago flour and have a distinctive sweet flavor. Its crunchy texture and melt-in-your-mouth taste make sago cookies a favorite of many people. This is because cheese sago cookies are cooked with coconut milk, making them melt easily on the tongue. Although the original sago cake is quite popular, many have now implemented other ingredients such as cheese sago, chocolate sago, oreo sago, and so on.

Author : Fiona Aurelia