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Benefits of Using Plastic Packaging for Culinary Businesses for Take Away

24 Apr, 2024

Practicality and convenience are currently prioritized by many people. It is no wonder that take away orders are growing rapidly, offering convenience and practicality for customers who want to enjoy delicious dishes without having to eat on the spot. In this business, choosing the right packaging is an important factor to maintain food quality and customer satisfaction. Plastic packaging offers several benefits that make it an ideal choice for take away culinary businesses, including:

  1. Food Safety

Plastic trays are one of the safest containers for food use. However, make sure the type of plastic you use is certified safe such as PET or PP plastic trays.  Both types of plastic have received food grade certification and are tested safe for direct contact with food. By using PET or PP plastic trays, you can provide a sense of security and comfort for your customers.

  1. Practical and high durability 

One of the main benefits of plastic food trays is their resistance to leaks and seepage. Plastic trays tend to be more sturdy and resistant to pressure, keeping the food inside safe without the risk of spillage. This is especially important when packing foods that contain liquids, such as sauces or oils, as it avoids losses and maintains the quality of the food served. By using plastic trays that do not leak and seep easily, your business can provide more reliable services and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Various Shapes and Sizes

Plastic packaging is available in various shapes, sizes, and designs that can be customized according to the type of food served. This allows take away culinary entrepreneurs to package various types of dishes neatly and attractively, according to customer needs and tastes.

SOPRA provides various food trays that are suitable for culinary businesses, especially for take away. All plastic food trays from SOPRA are food grade guaranteed, ensuring safety in use for food and beverages. SOPRA plastic trays are also practical and durable, able to facilitate the process of delivering and serving large amounts of food without the risk of damage. With a variety of shapes and sizes available, you can pack food efficiently and attractively, providing a good experience for your customers. Here are some recommended food trays from SOPRA for your various types of takeaway dishes.

  1. Tray TW:  This tray is one of the food trays from SOPRA, made of PET plastic material, which is strong enough to protect your take away dishes. This tray can be closed using a tight lid. This tray lid also serves to make it easier for you to organize large orders, so they don't fall easily and fall apart. More than that, this food tray can also be closed with a plastic sealer that serves to keep your food dishes from damage and leakage. Its function to protect dishes from damage and leakage makes this tray very suitable as one of your take away packaging options.

  1. Tray CLSB: Besides the TW tray, SOPRA also has another collection of food trays suitable for take away, the CSLB Tray. No additional adhesives such as tape or staples are required to seal this package, as the tray has four strong lock points. This feature reduces the risk of leakage in the order. In addition, this tray is also made of PP plastic, making it microwave safe, making it easy for your customers to warm up their food.

Author: Fiona Aurelia